Guinea Ecuatorial   

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Attention Dxer's

An international team of operators composed by Ramon 3C1GS, Roberto 3C1RV,
Elmo EA5BYP and Vicente EA5YN, are pleased to inform you that plans are now
at an advanced stage for the early SEPTEMBER '99 dx-pedition to Annobon Island.
ALL the necessary permissions have been obtained, transport arranged and the
logistics needed to put together an operation from this rare new one.
The team will be joined by a PTT representative and will leave a complete station
on the island.
The callsign will be for sure 3 C 0 R
The operation will last 10 days.
160 to 2 meters, CW-SSB-RTTY

"Some recent photos of Annobon island..."

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09-21-99 Press release#4

Hello firends,
these are the last news from Annobon:

Tonight they will operate as follows:
SSB 21295 for north America (specially west coast)
CW 7005 later 3520kHz.

SSB on 20 meters and WARC
CW on 10-20 and WARC
At night, Elmo will concentrate on 7042 for north america SSB.
After 40 meters he will operate 80 meters.
Also Vic, will operate on 40, 80 and 160 CW.

They have more than 20.000 QSO in their log.

No operation on 6 meters and RTTY as the equipment got damaged during
the trip to Annobon and they couldn't repair untill now.
Also one amplifier and one laptop have been damaged during the operation
(no QSO's on the laptop, -thanks God!)

The team obtained from the authorities the approval for future operations from Annobon.
Therefore, they will leave all the generators and gear at the Base.

Their return from the island is still schedulled for September 24th. We will advise if
there is any change.

73 de Tony EA5BY
Formerly President of Lynx DX Group
3C0R co-organizer


09-17-99 Press release #3

Hi friends,
the team wants to thank evryone for the e-mails received.

During the next hours they are going to concentrate on
West coast, Japan and Oceania.

Tonight: 14195 for JA and Far east. (depending propagation)
21025 for NA Central-West coast

Tomorrow starting at 0630z for Oceania and japan long path on
14195 SSB.

Tomorrow during daytime WARC.

On the afternoon 40 and 80 meters.

I have asked for 6 meters and RTTY and they asked to be patient as they
have "technical problems" for the moment.

They want to set up 160 meters antenna tomorrow.

Special thanks to Jim KH7M for his propagation chart for pacific area.

73 de Tony EA5BY
Formerly President of Lynx DX Group
3C0R co-organizer

09-16-99 Press release #2

Hi everyone!

I have talked to Elmo EA5BYP on Pagalu who passed this info.

The trip on the ship from Sao Tome was extremely rough and took 36 hours. There
was a load displacement that broke the engine and they had to be towed by a
merchant ship. The captain does not remember anything similar in his many years
of navigation.

They were all sea-sick and could not eat for over 48 hours. Today(09/16) they started
dinking and eating soft food. All that know Elmo EA5BYP (SSB) and Vic EA5YN (CW)
and heard them last night (2030z) knew something was going wrong.

Upon arrival they installed the two Cushcraft MA5B that worked flawssly, and started a
5 hour operation. They had a big thunderstorm with heavy lightning that damaged one of
the three laptops and the network connection (serial ports) on all of them. Unless the
damaged laptop can be repaired, they will have to relay on the electronic keyer for CW

They are now negotiating with the authorities an extension of their stay on the island and
the posibility to receive new equipment thru diplomatic channels.

They are now working with two stations but without amplifiers due to a problem on one of
the generators which they expect to solve before tonight. Activity today will be on 10 to 20
meters CW and SSB.

The rest of the team has located a different spot for their low band operation and are setting
up the verticals. No activity on low bands is expected untill tomorrow 09/17 evening.


On 80 meters CW they will use 3.520 kHz.

Good luck and enjoy the operation.

73 de Tony EA5BY
Formerly President of Lynx DX Group
3C0R co-organizer

Press release #1

Hello guys!

The group has arrived safely in Sao Tome.
All equipment and antennas are aboard the vessel ready for departure,
which had to be delayed until tomorrow due to rough sea.

Custom clearances was obtained after some initial problems they solved,
hopefully the last ones.

They will call me one hour before start up of the operation. This will be
released thru the OH2AQ Web cluster and DX-reflectors, inmediately.

Good luck!

73 de Tony EA5BY
3C0R co-organizer
Lynx DX Group



Hello friends,

please take note of the following:
- The expedition crew will depart from Alicante airport next sunday at 04:30z and
will arrive to Sao Tome on sunday night.

- Generators, fuel, food and some hardware arrived past week to the island, safely.

- They will depart from Sao Tome to Annobon on monday morning.

- I will announce the operation starting time on tuesday via Internet and clusters.

- They will have four operating stations.

- We have provided the team with propagation charts for the following areas:
USA West-Mid-East Coast, Caribean, South America, Africa, West-Central-Eastern Europe,
Mid Asia, Japan, Alaska, Hawaii, South Pacific and Australia.

The operating frequencies will be:

28395, 24945, 21295, 18135, 14195, 7065, 3799.
They will announce their QSX during the operation, as we want to work all the license

28025, 24895, 21025, 18075, 14025, 10105, 7005, 3505, 1833.

21085, 14085. (for the moment).

- Operation on 6 meters will depend of propagation, we will try 50110.

- ALL the antennas are donated by CUSHCRAFT thanks to BIT RADIO - EA3NY.
They will test the NEW model MA5B during the expedition.

The QSL information is:
Angel Garcia Mendoza
P.O. Box: 3045
03080 Alicante

All QSL's received via BURO will be answered after direct QSL's.

- There will not be log-chek via internet during the expedition. We will post them after it.

Any questions or comments are welcomed at: galiana@jet.es  

I will announce more details if any.

Good hunting!

73 de Tony EA5BY
Formerly President of Lynx DX Group
3C0R co-organizer

Dear friends,

We are recently finalising plans for our expedition to the island of Annobon scheduled for September 14 through 24, 1999. Our goals are the following: first of all is to provide as many stations with a new country, and second is to leave open doors for other possible expeditions.

Annobon island is very much in need as evidenced at being identified in the top 10 (7th place) on the most wanted list.

Transportation is limited and very expensive if you rent an air-plane. US$15625.00. That is why we have rented a vessel. The vessel charter costs alone are approximately US$6000.00. Also is almost impossible to obtain a license and visas, but we have ALL of them in hand. It has been many years (1991) since an effort has been mounted for Annobon island.

With four stations operational our presence should allow easy access for those in need. One station has been identified specifically for RTTY. Other three will pay attention to SSB as well as CW.

Currently supporters are CLIPPERTON DX CLUB (CDXC) and LYNX DX GROUP. We also hope to add several of the prominent membership organisations such as yours in the near future.

List of operators are: Ramon 3C1GS, Roberto 3C1RV, Elmo EA5BYP and Vic EA5YN. Each operator is skilled in DX operations. These operators conducted the very successful expedition to Equatorial Guinea on 1998 as 3C5DX.

Since we cannot carry any equipment, we must ship all equipment prior to our actual departure. This presents additional costs which must be borne between the group. The equipment will be shipped by air to Sao Tome (S9) by the middle of August. We will carry only our computers and some "last minute" need due to extreme limits on carry-on baggage. Shipping costs are estimated to exceed $2000 roundtrip.

We are requesting financial assistance from your organisation to offset the shipping, transport to the island and printing QSL costs (about US$18000.00). Without financial assistance these costs will undoubtedly raise the cost of the operation beyond our budget limits, and possibly postpone our operation. Of course your group will be credited as a supporter and duly identified on the QSL card, WEB, and many other publications or programs. We have opened an account for this expedition where you can send your donations:

SWIFT: CAAMES2A ACCOUNT: 2090.0276.80.0040062179

We have initiated a LDXG Web Site to provide updated information as the operation progresses. Once the operation ends, on-line log checking will be available. The Web Site for the LYNX DX GROUP is provided by one of our charter members, Jesus Padilla EA5BXT.

Our group, even though small is spread across Europe and possesses a big experience in every facet of operation in our hobby. Let us remember our very successful expedition to Western Sahara with the call S0RASD. Giving to the DX community an all time new DXCC entity.

Should it be necessary for you to seek any additional information which will help satisfy your needs for supporting this Dxpedition then we look forward to providing this information to you.

If you know of any other groups/clubs or associations who you think may also be in a position to support us we would very much like to hear of their names and addresses.

The LYNX DX GROUP requests your sincere consideration on our funding request and we anxiously await your response.

Best 73’s & DX
3C0R Co-organiser
Tony Galiana EA5BY
Lynx DX Group
Lynx DX Group, P.O. Box 430, E-03200 Elche, Spain

E-mail: lynx.dx.group@jet.es Fax: +34 93 8144431

Tel: +34 609 643037




Nota informativa #1

El grupo ha llegado felizmente a Sao Tome.
Todos los equipos y antenas estan ya abordo del barco y dispuestos
para la salida hacia Annobon, que por problemas del fuerte temporal
ha sido postpuesta hasta mañana por la mañana.

Todos los tramites aduaneros han sido salvados con exito, si bien surgio
algun problema sin importancia. Esperemos que el ultimo.

Si todo funciona como es de esperar, me llamaran una vez en la isla antes
de comenzar la operacion. Seguidamente daremos la noticia via Web-cluster
y reflectores de DX.

Suerte a todos y a por el "new one"!.

73 de Tony EA5BY
3C0R co-organizador
Lynx DX Group



Hola Dxer's

El grupo de operadores formado por Ramon 3C1GS, Roberto 3C1RV, Elmo EA5BYP y

Vicente EA5YN, con gusto os informan de sus planes de expedicion a la Isla Annobon

para el proximo mes de Septiembre.

TODOS los permisos necesarios, totalmente legalizados, han sido obtenidos. El transporte

asegurado y la logistica necesaria para llegar a buen termino.

Al grupo se unira un alto cargo del PTT de Guinea Ecuatorial, dejando despues una estacion

totalmente operativa desde la isla.

El indicativo sera con total seguridad 3 C 0 R

La operacion durara 10 dias y trabajaran de 2 a 160 metros en las modalidades de CW-SSB


Seguiremos actualizando esta pagina a menudo, hasta que se produzca la Expedición.



Parte del grupo, Vicente EA5YN y Elmo EA5BYP partiran el dia 12/9/99 desde Madrid a Lisboa y desde alli viajaran a Santo Tome Is., donde se uniran al grupo, Ramon 3C!GS y Roberto 3C1RV que llegaran de Malabo via Libreville.
En Santo Tome Is. se comprara todas las provisiones necesarias para la expedicion (comida, gasolina para los generadores etc.)
El barco de 14 metros de eslora contratado para realizar el viaje, permanecera en Annobon junto con los expedicionarios hasta que finalice la expedicion. La duracion del viaje sera de 20 horas aproximadamente.
Condiciones de trabajo: 4 equipos, 2 Yagis 3 elementos, 2 verticales, dipolos, 1 PC para cw y RTTY.
Es posible que tambien se puedan llevar 1 Lineal de 500W y una vertical para 40/80 metros, pero de momento no esta asegurado.


Viajaremos en la compañia TAP, vuelo TP5703 Madrid/Lisboa salida a las 10:35 del 12/9/99 y Lisboa Santo Tome vuelo TP1165 salida 13:40. El regreso sera Santo Tome/Lisboa vuelo TP1166 salida a las 21:45 del 26/9/99 y Lisboa/Madrid vuelo TP5706 a las 07:45 del 27/9/99

El barco que nos tiene que llevar de Santo Tome a Annobon es el NERE BALANDRA

El manager para la expedicion es:EA5FVY

Angel Garcia Mendoza

Apartado 3045

03080 Alicante



En breve dias habra mas noticias.

73, Vic & Elmo

Equatorial Guinea

Formerly Spanish Guinea, officially Republic of Equatorial Guinea, republic (1990 est. pop. 355,000), 10,830 sq mi (28,051 sq km), W central Africa. It includes the islands of Bioko (formerly Fernando Po), Annobón, Corisco, Elobey Grande, and Elobey Chico in the Gulf of Guinea, and Río Muni on the African mainland. Río Muni, which includes about 93% of the nation's land area and 75% to 80% of its population, is bordered by Cameroon in the north, by Gabon in the east and south, and by the Gulf of Guinea in the west. Malabo (formerly Santa Isabel), situated on Bioko, is the capital and largest city. In addition to Malabo, other important cities include San Carlos (also on Bioko) and Bata and San Benito (in Río Muni). The country is divided into seven provinces.

Land and People
Río Muni, located just north of the equator, is made up of lowland along the coast, which gradually rises in the interior to a maximum height of c.3,600 ft (1,100 m). Río Muni includes three major rivers—the Campo, which forms part of the northern boundary; the Benito, located in the center; and Río Muni, which forms part of the southern boundary. There are forests of okoume, mahogany, and walnut along the coast and the rivers. Bioko is made up of three extinct volcanoes, the loftiest of which is c.9,870 ft (3,010 m) high. The island has abundant fertile volcanic soil. Corisco and the Elobey islands are located near the Río Muni estuary.

The great majority of the inhabitants of Equatorial Guinea speak a Bantu language. The main ethnic group in Río Muni, where most of the population lives, is the Fang. The population of Bioko is primarily made of the Bubi (the oldest of the modern-day inhabitants), descendants of slaves from W Africa liberated by the British in the 19th century, and Nigerians and Fangs who migrated there in the 20th century. Spanish is the official language. Also spoken are pidgin English, Fang, Bubi, and Igbo. The population is at least nominally Christian and predominantly Roman Catholic; some indigenous religions are practiced.