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Petit dosbox Incorporated for Mac OS X

WARNING: Petit dosbox is no longer supported. It was released for Mac OS 10.3.x and 10.4.x operating systems, for PowerPC computers. It might, however, work with some Universal systems. Still, since it hasn't been supported for years now, you might find it not working even in these systems. From today 5 of february 2012 I'm planning on making the version 2.0 of Petit dosbox for Universal systems that will hopefully substitute this obsolete version. Thank you for your interest!

Current version: 0.4

Petit dosbox is a DOSBox Emulator front-end launcher. It is NOT the emulator itslef, although it comes packaged with a binary of DOSBox.

Petit dosbox is designed for Mac OS X systems, features a nice and easy to use interface and has many configuration options, including a Game Manager to let games to be launched straight from the program interface.

These are some of the main features of version 0.4:

  • DOSBox 0.63 binary built-in.
  • It is possible to use virtually any DOSBox version.
  • Many configuration options.
  • Selectable country keycode for foreign keyboards.
  • Game Manager to directly launch DOS games within the front-end.
  • Built-in support and SDL detection.

Note that this version is a beta.

Download here (2.9 MB) (ZIP archive)

See Screenshot 1.

(c) 2004/2005 Guillermo Enrich